Ricky Bedding

Ricky Bedding
Owner of Bournmouth Jet Washing

Hello my name is Ricky Bedding, I spent several years living and working in California & Utah I found the way of working in the USA inspiring; when I returned to England I used the experience I had gained to start my own business, Bournemouth Jet Washing. The company has now been trading for over 14 years.

Examples of my work on Bournemouth Jet washing can be found here

In my spare time I am an avid photographer. I take a keen interest in surf photography. Below are some examples of surfers in action. I follow a lot of surfing events up and down the country during the surfing season. I have created a good following check out my surf photography site Dorset Surf Photography.

Surfer on Bournmouth Pier
Surfer at Bournemouth Pier
Dorset Surf 1
Dorset Surfing at Kimmeridge
Dorset Surf Riding the crest
Croyde Bay (North Devon)

Check out more of my photography here Dorset Surf Photography