Bournemouth Decking Cleaners

Decking Cleaning, Decking can get severely soiled if not maintained properly. Dirt and grime can make you decking loo tired and dull. Also in the winter months these can become very slippery due to the build of the algae from the wet weather.

We can help we can strip your decking back to its natural state and then we add fungicide treatments not only does this make your decking look fantastic it also makes in non slip. Finally we add a uv wood restore product that feeds the wood.

Steam Cleaning Decking

Normally we steam clean decking due to the fact it’s a soft wood and can damage easy with normal pressure washing at high pressure. We bring the pressure down to low and let the hot water and steam do the cleaning process a lot better than cold pressure washing.

We cover a 60 mile radius of bournemouth

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