Bournemouth Driveway Cleaners

Bournemouth jet washing specialises in a driveway cleaning service, restoring and renovating block-paved driveways. Due to the UK climate block paving can become infested with weeds, algae, lichen and moss.

Block paving driveways need maintaining because weeds and dirt start to grow in the gaps over time. Not only does the gap fill with weeds over time the top surface of the driveway also gets covered in moss, algae and lichens and it start to look dirty and dull.

Pressure Washing Driveways

We use a surface cleaner, which is a rotary washer head used at ground level and used in conjunction with our pressure washing unit, The surface cleaner skirt contains any over spray and directs the water flow more precisely to the surface that is being cleaned. We also have a boiler on our system so can use hot water or steam to clean at a lower pressure if needed depending on what we decide the best course of cleaning is for that surface.

Driveway Re-Sanding

After pressure washing we re-sand with kiln-dried sand. If not re-sanded you may risk the blocks moving around which can cause the driveway to damage and become uneven as vehicles drive on and off it. Therefore it is important that the driveway is re-sanded after the pressure washing has been done to avoid this happening.

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