Managing Agents

Bournemouth Jet Washing is the exterior cleaning company that covers Dorset & Hampshire

We work with many managing agents to add curb appeal to their properties.

The first thing that people see when looking at houses online is the exterior, when the driveway and building look dirty most people will scroll on.

Pressure washing & restoring that driveway, cleaning that patio or soft washing that dirty render adds value to homes and instantly makes them look like new.

Gutter, soffit, fascia & conservatory cleaning, render can be soft washed safely from the ground without the use of pressure.

When you enlist the help of an experienced external cleaning company to transform a property for market they will see things that perhaps you didn’t even consider.

View some of our property cleaning videos below

Attention to detail is everything in our industry and fine detail is exactly what your customers are looking for when viewing their new dream home. No more having to reduce the price of a property because it’s dirt. Grass and weeds growing out of paths, driveways or patios can easily be pressure washed away, algae covered walls can be treated quickly and efficiently, filthy window frames and conservatories can be restored to their former glory.

Grandeur looking properties sell quickly and at a premium!

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