Bear Cross Render Cleaners

Are you looking for a render cleaning company in Bear Cross, Dorset? Our Bear Cross render cleaners are regularly out and about in Bear Cross providing building render cleaning services to our customers. It is important to maintain and clean rendered surfaces to stop the build up of organic matter and atmospheric pollutants, which can make your render look grubby and old. We remove all algae and other organic matter from rendered surfaces leaving them thoroughly clean using a Biocide wash, which continues to clean the render long after we have gone.

K-Rend Render Cleaners

Modern coloured render such as K-rend and Weber monocouche, are often installed as a maintenance free finish to both domestic and commercial buildings. They do require periodic cleaning to eradicate the build-up of moss, algae and pollution every day that wears the building down.

Softwashing Render

Pressure washing render is not an effective method as this can drive water deep into the render surface, joints and small cracks and can damage the k render surface. This process does not kill off the algae spores and they will simply continue to grow and show up again just a few months later. We do not pressure wash render this is what inexperienced workers do who do not know what they are doing. High pressure washing of the render will cause damage and could also damage the wall underneath the render.

Low Pressure Render Cleaning

Render cleaning with our soft washing techniques is low pressure chemical cleaning and this cleans the render and also kills off the algae and spores with no risk of damage.

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